An accredited StrongFirst Training Center, FIVE POINTS ACADEMY is a fully equipped strength and conditioning exercise facility.

Cardio machines, free weights, indian clubs, kettlebells, plyometric boxes, power rigs, bumper plates, rope, tire, pull up bars and rings…and the knowledge to use them. FIVE POINTS ACADEMY trainers and staff are experienced, professional, and certified by leading fitness organizations.



Five Points Academy is a StrongFirst Accredited Gym, maximizing training results while making safety part of performance. Blast fat and increase strength, power and mobility with the best tool for General Physical Preparation: the kettlebell.


Active recovery work using the GroundForce Method system of training. Strength/mobility/recovery through rolling, crawling, calisthenics, games and assorted flows.


Designed by fighters for fighters (and those who want the body of one). Bodyweight exercises, calisthenics, high intensity intervals and extended time under tension.


Use the barbell to build primal strength. Classes run in cycles and focus on the powerlifting classics (bench, squat, deadlift and military press) or the olympic lifts (snatch, clean, jerk). Please consult with the instructor for updates on the cycle focus.


Steve Milles

Five Points Academy partner, StrongFirst Certified Team Leader, StrongFirst Elite Certified Instructor,

National Federation of Professional Trainers — CPT, Flexible Steel Level 2 Instructor, GroundForce Method Level 1 Instructor, Functional Movement Screen Level I Instructor, Certified Indian Club Specialist, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

Kevin McGrath

Five Points Academy partner, MS in Exercise Physiology, ACE Personal Trainer, AFAA Personal Trainer, Specializatoin in Senior Populations with an emphasis on Cardiac Rehabilitation

Emily Bearden

BFA in Dance and Choreography, StrongFirst SFG Level II Kettlebell Instructor

StrongFirst SFL Barbell Instructor, Flexible Steel Level 1 Instructor, AFAA certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, Post Rehab and Conditioning Specialist with the American Academy of Health and Fitness Professionals, TRX Group Suspension Training Course Instructor

Primal Move Coach, Esquerre Fitness Group Advanced Stretching Techniques

Christy Miller

StrongFirst SFG Level 1 Kettlebell , StrongFirst SFL Barbell, NCSF-CSC, TRX-STC , TRX-SMTSC, TRX-RTC , DVRT Level 2

Ian Huelke

Since attending the HKC certification in 2011 Ian Huelke has used kettlebells almost exclusively in his own practice and as a kettlebell instructor. In 2017 he attended the SFG I certification at Five Points Academy and was immediately drawn to the camaraderie and values demonstrated by the StrongFirst instructors. In 2019 he completed the SFG II, SFB again at Five points in 2020 and earned his SFL and StrongFirst Elite title in April of 2021. He is now honored to be joining the team at Five Points Academy where his own journey with StrongFirst began, and looks forward to sharing his own holistic strength practice.

Ray Yip

StrongFirst SFG Level 1 Instructor