WCMA Championships, Pinguo, Guangxi China (28 November 2015) — with RESULTS


An outstanding promotion from Grandmaster Carter Wong!

Fighters from Brazil, China, Italy, Thailand and the US fought in front of a sold-out arena crowd, while LETV broadcast the event across China. The US Team of John Salgado (InnerG), Eddie Martinez (Sitan CT), Chris Kwiatowski (Team Strout/Church Street), and Greg Rowe (Five Points Academy)all put on a great show. Title wins for Kwiatowski, Martinez and Rowe, with Greg’s fight acclaimed as “fight of the night.” Fighting the hard-punching and aggressive Enrico Piensi (Italy), Greg dictated the pace and style of the fight en route to a unanimous decision win for the WCMA Championship in Pingguo, Guangxi China.

  • Friday | 7:00 pm