Clubbell Yoga Workshop (15 February 2015)


Clubbell Yoga Workshop

February 15, 2015 | 01:00 PM to 02:30 PM

Anyone is welcome to join this workshop, no experience necessary. Clubbells will be provided. Yoga mat and water required.


Tuition: $20


Registration online at:

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Clubbell Yoga is a fusion of Vinyasa Yoga and Clubbells, with a focus on yoga, sport-specific high intensity interval training, conditioning and flow. A new program developed by RMAX Head Coach, Summer Huntington, in accordance with Scott Sonnon’s Circular Strength Training (CST) modalities Clubbell Yoga is fast becoming recognized nationally and internationally. The Clubbell tool heightens body awareness in yoga postures and strengthens the shoulders and core while developing flexibility and coordination. This workshop, taught by lead Clubbell Yoga ambassador, Brie Helmuth, will introduce participants to Clubbell Yoga through a 60-minute practice and 30-minute discussion on Clubbells and Clubbell Yoga theory.