Battle of the Badges (20 November 2015) — with RESULTS


A great annual tradition in NYC, the Battle of the Badges showcases the friendly rivalry between the NYPD and the FDNY. This year, long-time Five Points Academy: Muay Thai & Fitness student and firefighter Dwayne Dijon boxes on the charity promotion. And for the first time ever, there will be a muay Thai undercard. We’re very excited that two of the five muay Thai bouts will feature representatives of the Five Points Fight Team: Gaius Marvel Ebratt (who as you may know is also a member of FDNY) and Joe Merolla. The match-ups are highly competitive and this looks to be an excellent show. Come out to Madison Square Garden, show some love to the team, and support a great cause.


A strange night at MSG. 1st, Joe Merolla was visibly stronger, hitting harder, doing more damage. Initially the decision win was announced for Joe, then it was announced that a mistake was made. Much to the surprise of pretty much everyone, Joe was now the loser by split decision. 2nd, Gaius fought a beautiful Muay Thai fight landing elbows, body kicks, knees, dumping from the clinch. No mistake, Paul Banasiak was a tough opponent but he was clearly imbalanced by Gaius’ body kicks. Again to the surprise of pretty much everyone, it was a split decision for Banasiak. The US Muay Thai Assoc used to be a knowledgeable voice of reason in American Muay Thai. Times have changed.

  • Friday | 7:00 pm