The Instructor’s Toolbox (February 24, 2013: 9 am – 3 pm)




with Zar Horton (Sr SFG, CK-FMS, Z Health Certified) and Andrea U-Shi Chang (SFG TL, CK-FMS, Z Health Certified).

The Instructor’s Toolbox: Drills, Tips, and Cues to Instantly Make You a Better Kettlebell Coach

Developed and Taught by Zar Horton, Senior SFG
and Andrea U-Shi Chang, SFG Team Leader

Coaching and instruction is more than just working your client into the ground. Good coaching  means making the right choices in order to get the desired results. The more ways you have to teach something the faster your student learns, and the faster you get results. Having the most tools in your toolbox means the right “fix” for your client becomes easy.

Having multiple drills, cues, concepts, and depth of understanding sets you apart as a trainer and coach. This workshop is designed for kettlebell instructors and movement coaches and presents years of accumulated experience in just a few hours. The Instructor’s Toolbox Workshop will give you an incredible arsenal of drills, tips, and cues – enabling you to get the most work done in the shortest period of time.

The Instructor’s Toolbox ensures that you will have the appropriate methodology, language, and progressions to ensure rapid learning, safe and effective performance, and the ability to create a positive learning experience for your clients.

This workshop will cover:

Progressions that make teaching kettlebells simple and precise

Learn why front loading certain movement patterns will make your life easier as a kettlebell coach

Form corrections that will increase your student’s understanding and accelerate their learning curve

Drills and cues that address the most common errors in kettlebell basics

De-mystifying the subtleties of complex movements, making them easy to teach

The art of making correction and providing positive feedback

Teaching techniques and tips that will help your student understand movement better

How to interpret common pain signals of improper form and the drills that are typically corrective

Question and Answer session for hard to fix common issues

Tuition: $350. Register by January 24 and save $50 (use code Toolbox2013 at checkout).  Registration online at the Five Points Academy Online Store by following the Retail tab at