TAKE ON 16: Friday May 18, 2012 (WITH RESULTS)


The FIVE POINTS FIGHT TEAM returns to Take On Productions as they present their 16th event, back at the 7 Train Theater in Flushing, Queens. The Team this outing is represented by Greg Rowe (v. Chris Williams, OAMA Canada), Danny Millet (v. Manny Casais, Team Coban), Youyung Cho (v. Pablo Rayo, Sitan NY) and Jason Wang (v. Malik Warwell, Camp Undefeated). Tickets and additional info available at the reception desk or online here.



A tough night for the Five Points Team in terms of decisions, as we went 1-3. But a great night in terms of technical proficiency, determination and heart.

Jason v. Malik Warwell (Camp Undefeated)

Two young fighters who both came to show their stuff. Round one had both fighters throwing heavy leather, with Jason appearing to have the edge in the round. In round two, Jason jumped on his opponent with several hard low kicks that clearly damaged Marwell’s leg, as well as several hard crosses. Inexperience showed, however, as Jason allowed himself to be sucked into a boxing exchange which resulted in him catching a hard shot to the chin. Jason beat the count but was clearly hurt, and went down again for the TKO moments later.


Youyung v. Pablo Rayo (Sitan NY)

It’s been a pleasure to watch Youyung progress and grow as a fighter since he came to Five Points. There have been both highs and lows on the road, but last night he really showed his talent. Faced with a well-trained, strong and aggressive opponent, Youyung displayed a relaxed, elusive, almost indifferent style that frustrated is opponent as it amazed the crowd. Slipping punches and kicks, landing hard counters and outworking in the clinch all meant a victory for Youyung.

Danny v. Manny Casais (Team Coban)

Casais is a monster. He looked twice Danny’s size, at least, and jumped on Danny from the opening bell. Hard punches, high roundhouse, front kicks to the face — Danny weathered it all with tight defence and excellent counter-striking, and admirable calm. He stayed focused on his plan and clearly stunned Casais with solid left hooks, but couldn’t quite manage to close. A hard fought fight with a huge display of heart and determination by Danny, but a solid win for Casais.

Greg v. Chris Williams (Warrior Gym)

The co-main event of the night featured two highly skilled, experienced, excellent young fighters. Round one was all Williams as a dump from the clinch and resultant contact of head with the canvas clearly stunned Greg. He re-grouped on the break, however, and performed an amazing turn-around, changing the direction of the bout and dominating round two inside and outside. Round three was shaping up as a brilliant display of muay thai technique from both fighters…until Williams landed a knee in the clinch that caught ¬†Greg moving the wrong way. The resultant rib damage dropped Greg and left him unable to beat the count. An exciting, if disappointing, finish to a match that had highlighted not only Greg’s technique but also determination and heart.

Some fights a fighters wins, some a fighter loses. The important thing for the fighter is what the fighter takes away from the experience. Our team learned some lessons and has some things to focus on in the gym for next time, but they all clearly came mentally and physically prepared to fight. Congratulations to all of them.