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Strength & Conditioning Instructors

Kevin McGrath

The Director of Personal Training at Five Points Fitness, Kevin is a graduate of Montclair State University with a Masters degree in exercise physiology. He is ACE and AFAA certified as a personal trainer and specializes in senior populations with an emphasis on cardiac rehabilitation. Kevin is a knowledgeable veteran of the fitness industry, operating a thriving independent training business for over a decade. An experienced judoka under Sensei Shiro Oishi, Kevin holds the rank of shodan (black belt, 1st degree).

Emily Bearden

Emily is an extremely experienced and knowledgeable trainer. She first became interested in personal training while earning a BFA in Dance and Choreography, a course of study that required mastery of kinesiology, physiology, anatomy and dynamic alignment. Emily is a StrongFirst Level II Kettlebell Instructor, StrongFirst Barbell Cerified,  AFAA certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, a Post Rehab and Conditioning Specialist with the American Academy of Health and Fitness Professionals, a certified TRX Group Suspension Training Course Instructor, Primal Move Coach and certified in Esquerre Fitness Group Advanced Stretching Techniques. Emily is also an internationally ranked competitive thai boxer, holding the professional World Champion belt in muay thai for the WKA, two US Championship Belts and was a member of the US Team to the International Muay Thai Federation Amateur Championships in Bangkok, Thailand. She is also a certified Asst. Instructor by the Muay Thai International Association. And she loves dogs, too.

Steve Milles

Steve Milles has been competing in and instructing muay thai for nearly two decades. As a competitor he won a bronze medal representing the US at the International Amateur Muay Thai Federation World Championships in Bangkok, Thailand. After turning professional Steve captured the World Kickboxing Association and International Sport Kickboxing Association US Champion belts as well as the Intercontinental Champion title for the US Muay Thai Association, battling current and former world champions in North America, Europe and Asia.

As a teacher his students have won accolades and championships in national and international competition, including regional, national and world championships. Steve was a Senior Instructor under former WKA World Champion Edge Brown and a certified Kru of the International Muay Thai Association under the world famous Grandmaster Toddy. Arjan Steve is also a StrongFirst Level II Kettlebell Instructor, a Primal Move Instructor, Tactical Strength Specialist in Bodyweight Strength, a Certified Indian Club Specialist and a Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist. In one of his proudest moments, Steve was promoted to the rank of Arjan (Master) by Grandmaster Chansadeth “Cheetah” Chantanao in November 2008. Arjan Steve looks forward to future achievement and development for himself and his students in the Art of Muay Thai.

Rima Sidhu

Rima is an energetic, educated and motivating trainer. She is a HardStyle Kettlebell Certified Instructor, a Primal Move Coach and an NSPA Certified Personal Trainer specializing in cardiovascular conditioning, nutrition and weight management and strength training. She is PNF Stretch Certified and currently pursuing a master’s degree in the Health Sciences with an emphasis on nutrition at Columbia University. A lifelong athlete who played four years of Division 1 collegiate soccer, Rima is also an internationally ranked muay thai fighter, a member of the WKA US Amateur Team and muay thai instructor, and proud mother of daughter, Simi.



Gaius Ebratt

Gaius’ exposure to martial arts training began early: his mother is a black belt in Kung Fu and his father in Tai Chi. Gaius is a top-ranked competitor holding the WKA North American Middleweight Muay Thai Champion title and a very popular red and yellow grade muay thai instructor. He is an enthusiastic trainer with a particular interest in bodyweight and gymnast-style strength training and is a Level 2 Kettlebell Athletics Kettlebell Coach.


Ellen Stein

Ellen is strong. Okay, Ellen is VERY strong: a 7x IPFF Masters World Champion, WPF Masters World Champion, and multiple State, National and World Powerlifting Record Holder in the AAU, IPA, USAPL, USPF, USPA, 100% RAW, and the RPS.
She is extremely qualified as a personal trainer, holding certifications from NASM, ACE, NSCA-CPT, RKC, IKFF, StrongFirst Girya and StrongFirst Barbell, TRX and DVRT Sandbag.
Ellen is also hilarious…even as she guides you to lift more than you ever thought you could, you’ll be laughing.


Bill Chiu

Bill is an active amateur muay thai fighter, a Level I StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor and a Level 1 Kettlebell Athletics Instructor. Always interested in challenging himself and his students, Bill is also a certified TRX Group Fitness Instructor.


Hannah Fons

A product of the cornfields of Iowa, Hannah comes from a long line of strong people. Since moving to NYC in 2000, she has tackled everything from fashion design to Gender Studies, but she has a special passion for combat sports, strength and fitness training. She holds a green-and-white prajeat in Muay Thai under Arjan Steve Milles, and a blue belt in Brazilian jiujitsu under world champion Marcelo Garcia.

Hannah is a StrongFirst Level II kettlebell and bodyweight-only training instructor, a NASM-certified Personal Trainer with specializations in Sports Nutrition and Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning, a DVRT Level II sandbag instructor, and a certified Primal Move instructor. She also bakes crazy-delicious ginger snaps.

Matt Culkin

Matt Culkin

A native of Oklahoma City, OK , Matt has been in New York City for two years. He is an outdoor person who loves to be by the ocean or lake during the summer. Matt has always enjoyed water skiing and kneeboarding as well as competing in powerlifting meets every couple months. He  loves just walking around the city finding new restaurants, shops, or great views in various neighborhoods. Matt is certified with the NCSF CPT, TRX Level 1, SFG Level 1, CPR/AED, and is about to start his CSCS certification. He is enrolled in the Master’s Program in Public Health Administration from American Public University.