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Health & Wellness Services

PK Balance Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine                                                    with Paul Kemawikasit Alexander, L.Ac.


Paul is nationally board certified in Traditional Oriental Medicine. He knows there is a lot more to healing than sticking needles into patients. His unique cultural background coupled with his extensive experience in martial arts, have created what some may call an unconventional wellness system which New Yorkers are lining up to experience. Drawing on the wisdom of the ancients and a variety of disciplines, he combines up-to-date scientific research with time-tested methods to create a uniquely tailored approach to bringing out the best in you.

Hours by appointment. You may reach Paul at or on 917-974-9024.  Find out more about Paul’s acupuncture and holistic world-view on his website,

Daniel P. Tahany, PT, CSCS
Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy


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Feldenkrais Method® with Marion Appel 

The FELDENKRAIS METHOD® bridges health, education and the arts in a sophisticated approach to personal development and wellbeing. Conceived by Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984), in response to a soccer injury, the Feldenkrais Method has at its roots principles of physics and movement derived from his experience in engineering and martial arts. Benefits from the Feldenkrais Method include greater coordination, balance and performance, as well as relief from tension and discomfort. Marion Appel has been guild-certified since 2002; she has also studied kinesthetic anatomy and functional choreographies with Irene Dowd.

Private lessons available by appointment
To book an lesson, email or phone 917.536.2329.

Feldenkrais, The Feldenkrais Method, Awareness Through Movement, and Functional Integration are registered service marks of the Feldenkrais Guild of North America.