UPDATE: Friday, Nov 2: No power, but plenty of daylight. The water isn’t hot, but the showers work and the toilets flush. Lots of your fellow students have been taking the opportunity to take out some post-Sandy stress (you can see plenty of entertaining pics here). We will once again be open tomorrow, Saturday 3 November — power restored to lower Manhattan or not — and ALL classes will meet. Come get some!

UPDATE: Thursday, Nov 1: We will be open during daylight hours. As long as we can see enough inside to train safely, the lack of power in lower Manhattan is merely an inconvenience! Come in and train.

So, there may not be trains. The kids may not have school. There may not even be power.But Five Points Academy will re-open on October 31st and stay open as long as we can safely see to hit some bags, swing some bells, and basically tell Sandy to piss off. Come on in!